Hapihomes Galaxy Foam 6x54x75 6 Inches Thickness

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What’s in the box
1x Roll up Galaxy Foam 54×75

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Product details of Hapihomes Galaxy Foam 6x54x75 ( Double Size) 6 Inches Thickness
1pc. Galaxy Foam 54×75

Model : Galaxy Foam
Size : Double Size
Also available in size 48×75 (semi-double), 36×75 ( single size) and 60×75 (queen size)
Quilted Foam 5 3/4 inches thickness
Made from: Indonesia
Product Type: Foam
Comfort Level: Medium
Fill Material: QuiltedFoam
Water Resistant: No
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Bed Bug Resistant: No
Machine Washable: No
5 years warranty
Good for 2-3 person

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