Commercial Ice Maker 220v 60HZ

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1 x Commercial Ice Maker 220v 60HZ

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Product details of 220v 60HZ commercial ice maker, ice maker that can make ice in 5 to 7 minutes, 55L ice maker, smart ice maker, 36 grid ice maker, automatic water injection, LED display, free Bluetooth speakers (same days Shipment)

55 liter commercial ice maker
6-9 minutes on thin ice, 10-15 minutes on medium ice, 15-20 minutes on thick ice
36 ice tray
Slope windows + timing function + one-key cleaning
Thickened steel
High-efficiency compressor

The tap can be connected to the supplied water filter to directly feed water into the machine.
Or can use water from gallons of water to produce without having to connect the water directly convenient to move the device
Controlled by Digital
Have a special sensor can produce ice automatically when the amount is reduced
Ice that is clean, economical and convenient
Produce 40 kilograms per day.
Product size 35x43x64 cm.

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