BENBO Shoulder Cervical Massager Machine

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BENBO Shoulder Cervical Massager Neck, Waist, Shoulder and Back Multifunctional Massage Pad Full Body Electric Massage Chair Electric Massage Pillow Massage Cushion With foot massage foot massager

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Product details of BENBO Shoulder Cervical Massager Neck, Waist, Shoulder and Back Massage Pad mat Full Body Electric Massage Chair Pillow Massage Cushion foot massager bed Pillow fullbody Portable massage chair for back pain body massager machine

* Hard work for a long time leads to bending and deformation of the cervical spine . IF the body is very tired. Recommend this body massage cushion.
* JSK3305C has leg massage function, it can also be disassembled and used to massage the sole or calf
* Has 8D roller, massage roller with different size, 3 angle roller,
* There are many massage methods. The wheel rotates, vibrates, pushes up and down, and presses.
* Head, back, feet, neck, buttocks have massagers, covering the whole body! High frequency vibrations of the buttocks.
* Back heating function, accelerate blood circulation and relieve muscle soreness……Advanced crocodile skin material. Wear-resistant and easy to clean.
* Head massage pillow height can be adjusted, suitable for people of different heights
* Power: 80W. Overheat protection system, automatically cut off power to ensure safety
* JSK3305A +Normal + no heating function + no vibration function.
* JSK3305C + Advanced + Heating function + Vibration function + Foot massage + More massage

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