G-MARK G14S Wireless Microphone System

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G-MARK G14S Wireless Microphone System
Wireless receiver* 1, microphone * 4, Antenna * 4, Power * 1, Audio cable * 1, Microphone slip ring * 4

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Product details of G-MARK G14S Wireless Microphone System 4-Channel UHF 4 Handheld Mics All Metal Build Frequency Selectable 150mUltra-high frequency 4-channel wireless microphone receiver with a frequency range of 520-580MHz,provides 100 frequency points, and four professional antennas with high frequency stability and accuracy.The DPLL digital phase-locked loop multi-channel frequency synthesis technology has small interference,more reliable It will automatically chase the receiving frequency and adjust the frequency, upgraded transmission technology, better sound quality improvement, Individual volume controls to adjust sound output as desired,any outdoor activities such as parties, weddings and speeches ,stage ,easy to use Dedicated receiver can be set to lock function to prevent misoperation; use receiver sensitivity adjustment function, can adjust sensitivity as needed, improve anti-interference ability or increase receiving distance, high-end LCD screen makes the receiver and transmitter work status at a glance The stage performance wireless microphone not only makes your use of conferences and other venues (high-power launches) unobstructed, but also smooth in school classrooms, KTV rooms (low-power transmission) and so on. Quick installation, easy connection, easy to play, reliable signals and no worries will be cut off during use, operating up to 260 Ft the receiver has four XLR-3 balanced outputs and a MIX audio 1/4 Inch asymmetrical output jack that can be externally connected to an amplifier, mixer, stereo or other PA system.Guaranteed high quality and reliability.

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